Cashback In Demonetised India

Jeeto Cash Back Step In to be your only wallet in Kolkata that can provide you Cashback.

Cashback In Demonetised India

In this era of demonetization and constant inflation, everyone is looking to save money. There are a plethora of e-commerce websites available who now provide cashback. But what about physical retail stores?

E-commerce websites and e-wallets have seen a boom in their demands after the pronouncement of demonetization of high currency bank notes in India.  The established e-commerce companies have enjoyed huge growth within a few hours of the pronouncement. The government of India is interested in making the nation a cashless one in the near future.

This is where Jeeto Cashback steps in. It is your only wallet in Kolkata that can provide you cashback even if you buy the smallest thing from your nearest grocery store.

There are various perks to cashback that can be enjoyed by a customer. So now that cashback is available outside of ecommerce, what are you waiting for, Kolkata? Log on to today.